Fitness literally means being healthy and fit. Fitness, a type of sport based on many exercises; essentially forms the basis of all sports. When it comes to fitness, all the tools with or without tools come to mind to be healthy or fit. The purpose of each program is different in fitness exercises applied to give muscle groups fitness. For this reason, in order to be applied consciously, there must be a way of working followed by a fitness professional.


Effects of Fitness Programs on People:

- To get rid of excess weight
- Having an aesthetic appearance
- Stress relief
- have fun
Increasing flexibility and agility
- To increase strength and endurance
- Shaping and developing muscles
- Helping the secretion of hormones such as testosterone, ostreogen and endorphins, making the person feel psychologically more mental
- To increase metabolic rate
- Ensuring sleep patterns
- The person also creates positive effects to strengthen the cardiovascular system.
- Those who are engaged in long-term fitness programs have a low risk of developing cancer and heart attacks.


Reformer pilates is an advantageous method for building strong muscle structure, especially without putting excessive strain on the joints. Thanks to the reformer pilates tool that allows 100 different exercises, important topics can be studied for athletes such as muscle endurance, lactate tolerance, peripheral joint stability, muscle strength, balance, coordination. Reformer pilates movements work certain parts of the body.

In addition, reformer pilates exercises used for rehabilitation purposes are important in terms of regeneration and strengthening of the joints, since they do not allow the person to exercise in a horizontal movement plane and load weight along his legs.

Today, reformer pilates techniques, taught in almost all pilates studios, are the choice of those who want to strengthen and tighten their muscles in a short time. What is reformer pilates, your pilates instructors will give detailed information to your question.