It is a kind of hot air bath made of wood, which has hot and dry air in the sauna and is large enough for people to move. In general, the temperature in the sauna is between 40 and 90 degrees Celsius. The temperature reaches 100 degrees C at ceiling height.


What Are the Benefits of Sauna:


- It burns calories.

-It speeds up the blood circulation.

- Provides a deep and comfortable sleep.

- It relaxes the muscles.

-Provides the removal of harmful toxins.

- Cleans skin pores.

- It takes the stencil.

- Due to the increasing temperatures in the sauna, the heart starts to beat faster. Thus, the heart will exercise.

- Throwing sweat and warming the fat tissue helps healthy slimming.


What to Consider in Sauna:


- People with heart disease should consult their doctor and enter the sauna.

Those with heart diseases such as unstable angina or high blood pressure should stay away from sauna.

People with infectious diseases should not use saunas.

People with physical injuries, inflammatory disease or fever should stay away from sauna.

People who drink excessive amounts of alcohol should not enter the sauna as their bodies can get very hot.