The bath, which has a very important place in Turkish culture, is really useful with its effects on our health. In the bath, all the dirt that fills the pores in your body is softened with the effect of hot air and steam. All pores are opened with the pouch made. Thus, your skin is purified from dead skin and gets more oxygen. Baths relieve muscle tension and pain, open restricted joints, increase lymphatic system cleansing and blood circulation. It reduces sinus congestion due to asthma or allergic conditions, and keeps the skin young and fresh.




What are the benefits of the bath:




- It provides strengthening of the bone.


- It helps to remove toxins.


- It speeds up the blood circulation.


- It is good for colds.


- It keeps the skin young and fresh.


- It relieves muscle tension and pain and opens limited joints.


- Supports the immune system Increases the lymphatic system cleansing.


- It takes stress and rests your mind.


- Increases heartbeat and metabolism work.


- It strengthens the immune system.


- It removes dead skin from the skin.


- It causes sinus blockages caused by allergic or asthma.


- It increases the oxygen of the body.


- Sweating and heating adipose tissue helps healthy slimming.




What should we pay attention to in the bath:




- You should not eat too much and consume too much liquid before entering the bath.


- Considering that there will be water loss in the bath, the required amount of water should be drunk.


- Those who feel sick and sluggish should avoid entering the bathhouse.


- Baths are not recommended for those with heart conditions.


- It should not stay in Turkish bath for a long time.