Water is considered as the most relaxing tool that provides calmness and calmness and helps relieve body aches. Swimming, on the other hand, is considered to be superior in terms of calorie expenditure and muscle exercise, which works against the power of water and works out of all other classical exercises.


The temperature of our swimming pool is warm at 28-30 degrees. The size of our pool is 8 x 20 meters and the depth is 1.5 meters. We recommend using warm sections (sauna, steam room, hammam) and then using warm areas.


Benefits of Swimming:


  1. It is effective in bone problems. That; It helps to reduce pressure on the spine so that muscles, joints, and tissues work together or independently with other parts of the body.
  2. It strengthens all the muscles. Swimming exercises all muscle groups equally and helps protect joints and bones.
  3. Increases flexibility. Bones and joints in the water relax even more. In this way, swimmers gain flexibility and can easily open their limbs at wider angles.
  4. It supports heart health. Most heart patients are not recommended strenuous physical activities that will increase blood pressure and overload the heart. For this reason, swimming is considered an ideal activity for heart patients.
  5. Helps control weight. Swimming ensures weight loss and body shaping by ensuring that all muscles work synchronously.
  6. It is good for asthma disease. Swimming also improves the respiratory rate and depth, and provides an improvement in the general condition of patients with asthma.
  7. It balances cholesterol level. Swimming is an exercise that helps the use of fat stores for energy production.
  8. It reduces the risk of diabetes. Along with swimming, all the muscles work and the accumulation in the fat stores decreases. In this case, the sensitivity of insulin tissues increases and the risk of diabetes decreases.
  9. It increases the oxygen intake of the brain. Swimming also increases the quality of oxygen uptake in the blood and tissues by enhancing breathing.
  10. Improves general blood circulation. Swimming activates all limbs and muscles, increasing the flow of clean blood to the heart.