The Steam Room is the simplest way to get rid of body toxins.In this way, the pores of the skin open, millions of sweat glands begin to secrete.


Benefits of the Steam Room:


Steam is used to relax muscles and reduce cough.

- Increases blood proteins, allowing oxygen to go to cells more intensely.

- The relaxing and relaxing effect of the steam room has a positive effect on the nervous system by eliminating the negativities such as fatigue and stress.

- Steam provides relief in upper respiratory tract obstruction.

- Moisturizes the air and relieves throat irritation.

- It allows pores to be opened by means of sweat and the skin is purified from dead cells and provides a smooth and lively appearance.

- Throwing sweat and warming the fat tissue helps healthy slimming.


What We Should Pay Attention to in the Steam Room:


- Maximum 10 minutes should be left in the steam room.

- Those who have difficulty in breathing and asthma patients should never use this room.

-When you leave the steam room, you should immediately take a shower with cold water.

-If you entered the sauna before the steam room, you should take a 10-minute break and add fluid.